It’s about more than just giving grants.

Our goal is to invest in the collective vision of what healthy communities within our region can and should be. With health equity as a driving force, we fund organizations that focus on helping our communities improve health outcomes and allow for its residents to live full, healthy and happy lives.

By being community-embedded and community-informed, we aim to be both responsive and strategic to the needs we hear and learn about. As part of our Strategic Plan, our grantmaking strategy drives our giving: General Operating, Strategic Health Initiatives, and Capacity Building.

For the 2019 grant cycle, applicants may apply for one-year General Operating Support or Project Support grants. Learn about this year’s grant cycle here.

General Operating Support

We want our grantee partners to fulfill their missions and be effective in delivering critical programs and services that address the health needs of our communities. We firmly believe in strengthening our partner organizations, therefore, most of our funding goes towards this giving area. 

Strategic Health Initiatives

We commit to being grounded in the community experience. Therefore, we fund strategic health initiatives, by invitation only, that explore new opportunities and/or address crises and emergencies. We are in the process of phasing in Special Considerations and Urgent Response funding opportunities by 2020.

Capacity Building

Stronger organizations make for more effective outcomes. Just as our goal is to help build healthy and strong communities, our vision is to help our grantee partners in the same way. Beyond monetary support, we direct resources that can help organizations deliver their missions. We do this by supporting strategies that promote effective organizational practices and strengthen leadership skills, setting the foundation for healthy, strong and effective nonprofits.


As a health-conversion foundation, we fund a geographic region defined by the service area of MacNeal Hospital, from which we received our endowment in 2000. This service region covers a five-mile radius around the hospital and is composed of 27 zip codes with diverse health opportunities and outcomes. For more information about our region, please visit our Research and Data page.


We make grants in the primary MacNeal Hospital service area, or what we call our “Legacy” area.


To achieve health equity, we allocate the majority of funds to zip codes that rank lowest in our social determinants of health study, or what we call our “Equity” areas.

For more information about our Legacy and Equity Zones, please refer to the HCF Strategic Plan.