HCF Grantee Partners Attend Facing Race Conference

HCF Grantee Partners Attend Facing Race Conference

The Healthy Communities Foundation sponsored registration to the virtual Facing Race Conference, the largest multiracial, intergenerational biannual gathering for leaders advancing racial justice, for nearly 100 local health leaders. These health leaders represented 42 grantee partners who attended on behalf of Healthy Communities Foundation from November 10-12, 2020.

“Racial equity and racial justice work must be contextual, continuous and collective; for individuals and organizations, it’s not a “one-and-done” kind of thing,” said Tina Ramirez Moon, Program Officer. “The virtual Facing Race conference gave us an opportunity to expand on, and learn from, individual and organizational pathways of racial equity work. We recognize that we must invest in local leaders as well as organizations in ongoing, self-reflective, and action-oriented ways.”

Grantee partners also participated in a post-conference Reflection Circle co-facilitated by Tina and Janine Hill of Soar Strategies. The Healthy Communities Foundation staff plans to further develop its racial equity and capacity building strategies based on feedback from partners.

“We are simultaneously learning what’s possible – how we might reimagine our organizations and communities through a race-explicit and intersectional lens – and also “unlearning” the ways we inadvertently are complicit in structures and systems that leave BIPOC communities behind,” Tina adds. “By doing this, we are building on a collective vision on what health equity and racial equity look like in the Healthy Communities Foundation region.”

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