Strategic Vision

That all residents of our communities lead full, healthy, and happy lives and enjoy equal life expectancy.


HCF understands that systemic conditions such as implicit bias and institutional/structural racism impede access and opportunities that improve well-being and a sustainable quality of life. We intend to use our platform and resources to create change, forge partnerships, and share learning through a focused and visible commitment to address these disparities and achieve health equity.


HCF will:

  • As part of our grantmaking framework, fund efforts that: provide access to quality health care; address social determinants of health; advocate for policies and systems change that impact health; and augment knowledge through capacity-building, learning and other health-related initiatives
  • Meaningfully engage community organizations, leaders, residents, and government entities
  • Continuously learn about and be a source of information regarding its communities
  • Collaborate with other foundations, learning/research institutions, and thought leaders
  • Ensure excellence in leadership and organizational stewardship

Grantmaking Framework

All organizations must be able to demonstrate that the proposed programs/services align with at least one of the categories below, which comprise our grantmaking framework.

Click on each category to learn more.



Given that HCF’s endowment is funded from the proceeds of the MacNeal Hospital sale to a private company in 1999, HCF will make grants in the MacNeal Hospital service area.


To achieve health equity, HCF will allocate the majority of funds to zip codes that rank lowest in our social determinants of health study.

For more information about our Legacy & Equity zone zip codes, please refer to the HCF Strategic Plan.

HCF Funding Area


General Operating Support

HCF will allocate the majority of its funds to general operating support. Legacy & Equity zip codes will receive the majority of available funds through long-term grants (of up to five years). We will issue an RFP annually for general operating support.

Strategic Health Initiatives

Additionally, and by invitation, HCF will fund strategic health initiatives that explore or expand new opportunities and/or address crises or emergencies requiring immediate, targeted resources.

Capacity Building

HCF supports learning communities, trainings, conferences and other programs aimed at strengthening the nonprofit sector and our partners who help achieve our mission within our region.


Based on its grantmaking and strategic investments, HCF anticipates the following impacts: increasing access to services and care; improving quality of care; improving institutional outcomes for populations with historical barriers to quality care; creating effective multi-sector collaborations and alliances; advocating for policies and systems change that impact the health of the region; and increasing the capacity of leaders and organizations to advance health equity, quality, and access.