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Grants are given to organizations located within the Foundation’s geographic target area or serving a significant percentage of the local population in these communities.

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HCF Featured in Grantmakers in Health’s “Grantmaker Focus”

“Our goal is to ensure that every resident in our service area has the resources and opportunities to live a full healthy and happy life, regardless of income, where they live or their racial and ethnic background.” – Maria S. Pesqueira, President of HCF We are thrilled to be highlighted


Not-For-Profits: How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Can Impact Your 2018 Tax Filings

  Our Director of Finance, Elva Gonzalez, walks you through the impact that the recently enacted Jobs Act will have on your 2018 tax filings as a non-profit organization. It’s tax season and while you may be getting ready to file your personal taxes (or may have already done so—kudos!),


Stay Informed On Public Charge

The public charge rule change was published in the Federal Register by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on October 10, 2018. This rule threatens the health and the well-being of our immigrant communities. Individuals and their families will be placed in an inconceivable position to choose between accessing necessary

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7 hours ago
April is National #Autism Awareness Month and aims to increase the awareness of this disability and the issues that individuals who have it face. In the US, autism affects 1 in every 110 children. For more information, visit https://t.co/msj5EyoDAk. https://t.co/1dfOMA4H7o hcfdn2 photo
4 days ago
We attended Chicago Citywide Literacy Coalition's Beyond Books ceremony. They shared about their vital work in #adultliteracy & #education & honored @ChiPublicHealth Comm Dr. Julie Morita as their Literacy Leader Award winner. We're proud partners of CCLC! #qualityoflife #health https://t.co/Gx8H1AO91y hcfdn2 photo
5 days ago
It's Community Health Worker (CHW) Core Skills Training Week! Our CHW grantees have been undergoing an intensive skills-based training that is preparing them to serve as liaisons between community members & local health & social service providers in the Western Suburbs. Exciting! https://t.co/zjgrzd6sf0 hcfdn2 photo
5 days ago
We believe that every individual should have the opportunity to live a healthy life. With our grantees & community, we can devise solutions to achieve #healthequity & improve the #qualityoflife of our communities. https://t.co/oUbJOmwP4u https://t.co/DgyiDGbDlW
6 days ago
"...counting every resident next year is a must...Every IL resident who is not counted costs us $18K in federal funds — $1,800 every year for 10 years — until the next #Census...". An inaccurate count would be detrimental to our communities. Read more: https://t.co/2qczcILv1C
1 week ago
Join @icirr on 4/4 at @mortoncollege to learn about your rights to access quality, low-cost healthcare, regardless of income/immigration status. RSVP: https://t.co/TccGcMcJia https://t.co/QnE2Qys630 hcfdn2 photo

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