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As a health-conversion foundation, we fund a geographic region defined by the service area of MacNeal Hospital, from which we received our endowment in 2000. We also allocate the majority of funds to zip codes that rank lowest in our social determinants of health study. In total, our service area is comprised of 27 zip codes in western Cook County suburbs and the City of Chicago.

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Our 2019 Grant Cycle

Info Regarding Our 2019 Grant Cycle

Our 2019 Grant Cycle begins on May 15th! We are excited to announce that our 2019 Grant Cycle will begin on May 15th! Our grant guidelines will be released early next week but we wanted to provide some initial information regarding this year’s grant cycle. This year, we will introduce


Not-For-Profits: How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Can Impact Your 2018 Tax Filings

  Our Director of Finance, Elva Gonzalez, walks you through the impact that the recently enacted Jobs Act will have on your 2018 tax filings as a non-profit organization. It’s tax season and while you may be getting ready to file your personal taxes (or may have already done so—kudos!),


Stay Informed On Public Charge

The public charge rule change was published in the Federal Register by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on October 10, 2018. This rule threatens the health and the well-being of our immigrant communities. Individuals and their families will be placed in an inconceivable position to choose between accessing necessary

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4 days ago
To those who courageously gave their lives and those who bravely fight today...thank you. https://t.co/VW1fbuDBs6 hcfdn2 photo
2 weeks ago
Our President, Maria Pesqueira, speaking about “Building Health Equity through Community-Centered Philanthropy” at the #CIConvening. #healthequity #community https://t.co/10NppHUh9P hcfdn2 photo
2 weeks ago
Day 2 at the #CIConvening hosted by @CIForumTweets. This morning, we are learning about cases studies of successful collective impact examples. Shout-out to @Humana Bold Goals-Kansas City, a business/health strategy aimed to improve the health of its communities by 20% by 2020. https://t.co/SienBzlhAj hcfdn2 photo
2 weeks ago
Our 2019 Grant Cycle has officially begun! We have a new application process, starting with a Letter of Intent. Read more about this year's grant cycle and access our grant guidelines here: https://t.co/8PMuaijBv7 https://t.co/virAyxEYgF hcfdn2 photo
2 weeks ago
“‘Inclusive’ suggests that one joins something that is of others. ‘Belonging’ includes the power to co-create.” —john a. powell @CIForumTweets #CIConvening #equity https://t.co/9WguE1Pjxb hcfdn2 photo
Healthy Communities Foundation
Healthy Communities Foundation4 days ago
To those who courageously gave their lives...thank you.
Healthy Communities Foundation
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Healthy Communities Foundation
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Happening now: Our 2019 Grant Cycle Info Session!

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