Health is Life.

Access to quality, affordable healthcare is an important factor in leading a full, healthy and resilient life. However, there are social and systemic factors –the conditions in which we are born, live and work–that play a crucial, if not, more influential role on our overall health. We recognize the significant health disparities and deep-rooted health barriers that exist in adjacent communities within our region. As a result, we aim to achieve health equity across our 27-zip-code service region in Chicago and western Cook County suburbs, by addressing both the medical factors that influence health as well as the upstream, midstream and downstream social determinants of health.


The communities within our service region, each with their own unique ecosystems, hold the solutions to the issues they face. We believe in community-centered philanthropy and value the partnerships we build with our communities as they are the base to improving health outcomes in our region.


We are a community informed grantmaking foundation that seeks to measurably improve the health and well-being of individuals, families, and communities in our service area by promoting health equity, quality, and access.

OUR Vision

That all residents of our communities lead full, healthy, and happy lives and enjoy equal life expectancy.


All residents of our service region, particularly those who live with the greatest health inequities, should have access to resources and opportunities that improve their well-being and create a sustainable quality of life.


Systemic conditions, such as implicit bias and institutional and structural racism, impede those goals and disproportionately affect BILPOC (Black, Indigenous, Latinx, People of Color) communities. We commit to addressing these barriers by being a community-informed and embedded foundation.


All organizations must be able to demonstrate that the proposed programs/services align with at least one of the categories below:


High quality, comprehensive health care services are often out of reach for residents in our region due to high medical costs or lack of culturally affirming care.


Overall health is deeply influenced by where we live, work, learn and play. While residents in our region do not have equitable access to resources and opportunities that impact long-term health outcomes, they have a nuanced understanding of the challenges they face and potential solutions.


We take an upstream approach to influencing health by addressing the root causes of inequities. We aim to impact existing structures and policies by supporting efforts that ensure our communities are part of the decision-making tables.


Beyond financial support, we direct resources that can help partners effectively deliver their missions over the long haul. We also support strategies that give communities access to local health data which can enhance their capacity to make informed health-related decisions.


General Operating Support

We will allocate the majority of our funds to general operating support. We want to help grantee partners fulfill their missions and be effective in delivering critical programs and services that address the health needs of our communities.

Strategic Health Initiatives

By invitation, HCF will fund strategic initiatives that explore or expand new opportunities and/or address crises or emergencies requiring immediate, targeted resources.

Capacity Building

HCF supports learning communities, trainings, conferences and other programs aimed at strengthening the nonprofit sector and our partners who help achieve our mission within our region.



We fund a geographic region defined by the service area of MacNeal hospital, from which we received our endowment in 2000.


To achieve health equity, we allocate the majority of funds to zip codes that rank lowest in our social determinants of health study.

For more information about our Legacy & Equity Zone zip codes, please refer to the HCF Strategic Plan.

HCF Funding Area




MacNeal Health Foundation established with proceeds from MacNeal Hospital sale to a private company in 1999. The Foundation officially opened its doors in 2000.



The Foundation was renamed to The Arthur Foundation to distinguish from the hospital originally founded by Arthur MacNeal.



The Foundation was rebranded to Healthy Communities Foundation, with new leadership and a refined focus on addressing its Legacy funding area and achieving health equity in surrounding communities with the greatest health disparities..