Aligning Our Walk With Our Talk

Aligning our Walk with Our Talk

Aligning Our Walk With Our Talk

Implementing our data collection and evaluation approach in 2021 was and will continue to be critical to achieving our mission as a foundation. For us, every activity and action we take must reflect and be in service to our core values as articulated in our strategic plan. Learning & Evaluation at Healthy Communities Foundation allows us to see if we are acting and resourcing in alignment with what we are saying. Read about our Learning & Evaluation framework.
We are excited to publish our first insights report since the implementation of our learning and evaluation framework, “Aligning Our Walk with Our Talk”In this report, we share insights about how our grantmaking practices and strategies—the who and how we fund—shifted from 2018 to 2021 to align with our strategic plan.
  • Using an equity lens with our grantmaking and moving at the speed of relationships has increased the number of partnerships in our Legacy & Equity zip codes.
  • Committing to multi-year funding and deepening general operating support investment in BILPOC-led organizations has supported our local health ecosystem in our service region.
  • As we deepen relationships in our Legacy & Equity zip codes, our partner organizations’ leadership has become more diverse and reflective of the demographics of those they serve.
While this report looks back at our grantmaking practice and grantee partner data from 2018 to 2021, it is important to understand the evolution of our grantmaking and priorities to inform where we must go as a foundation. We have gained initial insights that have validated how an equity lens has helped us refine our grantmaking to meet evolving hyperlocal health needs, influence the broader health ecosystem in our region and advance health equity.
As we progress through this learning journey, we look forward to sharing reports like this in hopes that others can learn alongside us. We welcome questions, feedback, and opportunities to delve deeper into any of these topics with you.

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